Google Optimize – an a/b testing experiment tool

Looking for an a/b testing tool? I’m currently inspired by Google Optimize and I can only dream of what can Optimize 360 do. I also cannot wait for Optimize and AdWords integration that was announced in May which will bring new possibilities to testing landing pages according to a campaign, ad group, keyword etc. Just imagine the possibilities! That will soon become my main work obsession, I can see that clearly already. And I’m so excited! Continue Reading


What do HTML, Javascript & PPC have in common?

Every marketer’s nightmare are programming languages. And understanding them. I apologize in advance, but if you are working in digital marketing, you should start working on understanding basic programming languages.  Why? Believe me, if you still don’t have a problem of understanding how websites work or what should you do to implement campaign tracking, with the speed digital marketing is developing, you will soon. Continue Reading