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Living and working in Zurich for a month

I remember when I first heard I will go to Zurich for a month. I was really thrilled I got an opportunity to visit Zurich and work for a month for one of the best performance marketing agencies in the world, iProspect. My excitement couldn’t get any bigger. Now that this wonderful month has passed, I wanted to share a few words regarding my experience.

First impressions

Zurich is beautiful! When I first arrived to the city, I was astonished by its architecture, amazing nature and cleanliness of the city. It reminded me of Zagreb a bit and that’s what I loved about it. I don’t even have to say that Zurich has an awesome lake and it’s surrounded by mountains from where you can take astonishing views to the entire city. The neighborhood where I lived, Albisrieden, was a perfect match. Peaceful, calm, on a hill surrounded by forest with restaurants, cafes and stores nearby – it looked like a perfect neighborhood for me.

Lovely Zurich:


You can see a lot of people from different cultures in Zurich and that’s also great about this city. Although you are a foreigner, you don’t feel like a stranger. Everybody is really nice and everybody will try to help you with any inquiry you have. When I went to get my ZVV monthly transportation pass, I was really surprised by their service. Not only did they make me a monthly pass in 2 minutes, but they were also really friendly to share a few Zurich tips with me. I also got a Zurich city map and Zurich transportation map before I left. Zagreb’s public transportation company should check out how they work and how they communicate with tourists. When it gets to language, I could always find somebody that talks English. Everywhere you go for sightseeing like boat tours, Uetliberg, ZOO or any museum or cafe, people speak English really good. One other thing I loved about Zurich is that people show emotions. I fell in love with one elder couple that was hugging almost all the time during a boat tour. And that’s what’s important in life.

“Although you are a foreigner, you are not a stranger in Zurich.”

What did I love during my stay in Zurich?

Switzerland is a land of cheese. And more importantly to me, Switzerland is a land of chocolates. As a huge chocoholic, I was really happy to go to a place where there is Lindt or Sprungli shop in every corner. During my second weekend in Zurich, I’ve decided to go to the Lindt shop near Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory. And what a joy that was! Too bad that the factory isn’t open for public. Nevermind that, I left the shop with 3 kg of chocolates in my backpack. Between many walks around the lake, all over the city any many boat rides (I preferred the one to Rapperswil which is an amazing historic little town), I saw a traditional parade for the National day and a Street parade – two really different types of parades. The street parade is the largest techno parade in Europe, so I saw a lot of people dressed in funny costumes. And a whole bunch of Supermans. And Batmans. A day later I went to the ZOO and I saw one of the biggest Batman rivals – Mr. Penguin! Just kidding 🙂 But they have a lot of cute penguins, a few elephants, one swagger peacock and one sleepy tiger. I also went to the FIFA World Cup museum and I was absolutely in ave what a great museum that is! I loved it’s interactivity, 180 degrees video cinema, music stations and of course – football pinball! Even if you are not a big sports fan, you will enjoy in FIFA World Cup museum – the total experience museum! Next weekend it was raining almost every second, so I went to the Museum of modern art (Kunsthaus). I decided to check both the Picabia exhibition and the entire collection. My joy hit maximum when I saw one of my favorite paintings there – Mondrian’s Composition II in red, blue and yellow. And some other amazing arts from some of my favorite artists like Picasso, Dali and Warhol.

“I am neither a painter, nor a writer, neither spanish nor cuban, nor american… nor dada, I am alive.” Francis Picabia

Mondrian’s Composition II in red, blue and yellow:


Balloons, balloons, balloons everywhere! I loved my team at iProspect. They prepared me a nice welcome with balloons and lunch. I still regret I didn’t order rice that day, although I’m really not a fan of rice, but was that meal spicy! We shared lunch almost every day, I’ve probably never tried out so many different cuisines in that short time. And I’ll never forget piadinas we shared together. Superiore, picantino and romano piadina for life! Don’t even get me started on Burger Fridays. When it gets to work, I worked a lot on data visualization and automatization, but I also shared my experience of running performance ad campaigns. I was really happy that I got a chance to get familiar with Doubleclick Search and Marin Software and QA services. You can call me a Doubleclick Search evangelist from now on! 🙂 I really loved everything we worked on together and I am really proud that I had an opportunity to do a few Google Analytics trainings and one social media training with them. Team (Julian, Karolina, Laura, Oscar & Victor), thanks again for everything and I hope you will remember me in the same light as I will remember you! 🙂 p.s. Sorry I broke my laptop on the very first day

One of our training session:


Zurich is an awesome city with an amazing culture and I’m bringing only nice memories back home. With some new knowledge I acquired at iProspect, Croatian market, watch out, I’m coming to get you. There are still a lot of places I didn’t have time to visit, so I suppose we’ll see each other again Zurich! 🙂


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