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Google Premier Partner Awards Experience

I missed my own deadline. Again. Although I didn’t manage to write this post before (until today), I did work a bit on my novel (the second one I started writing even the first one isn’t anywhere near its finish). I appreciate the time I put in my writing. Hopefully one day (near my retirement), I’ll have something published. But, back to the subject. In December I traveled with my colleague Sanja to Dublin since 404 has been shortlisted as one of top 200 Premier Google Partners in EMEA. In Dublin, we participated in Google Partners Accelerate event and Premier Partner Awards 2016. Today I’m sharing my personal experience of the entire journey.  Continue Reading

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Living and working in Zurich for a month

I remember when I first heard I will go to Zurich for a month. I was really thrilled I got an opportunity to visit Zurich and work for a month for one of the best performance marketing agencies in the world, iProspect. My excitement couldn’t get any bigger. Now that this wonderful month has passed, I wanted to share a few words regarding my experience.
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