What is Google Data Studio?

I remember when I first used Google’s Data Studio – I had to use a VPN software to try it out. From the very first sight, I knew this was going to be something huge. Ever since Data Studio got released globally, I’m in awe of what an amazing tool for PPC marketers, but also anybody else, can it be. Since I’m already using it for a couple of months, I decided to make a quick overview. Continue Reading


What do HTML, Javascript & PPC have in common?

Every marketer’s nightmare are programming languages. And understanding them. I apologize in advance, but if you are working in digital marketing, you should start working on understanding basic programming languages.  Why? Believe me, if you still don’t have a problem of understanding how websites work or what should you do to implement campaign tracking, with the speed digital marketing is developing, you will soon. Continue Reading

Analytics, PPC

Why is conversion tracking really important

Just ask anybody at 404 agency what is my most repeated sentence at work, other then “Who has some chocolate?”, and you will get an answer “We can’t start the campaign until the tracking is set up!”. Here are 4 things why I always insist on implementing tracking before the launch of the campaign. Continue Reading