Google Trends Data Behind the Game of Thrones

After watching the last season of Game of Thrones, one of the biggest tv shows of all time, I just kept on thinking about what are people searching on Google while watching and did some unexpected character behavior develop new trends in Google searches. If you don’t want to hold the door to this article, beware, spoilers ahead (and some memes too). Continue Reading


Gaming and Analytics – Connected or Not?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I wanted to become a copywriter. I dreamed of writing television and billboard ads. One of my ad copies did appear on a billboard. I worked a lot on social media. Sometimes I can be quite creative. But, somehow, in the end, I ended up working on a more analytical type of job. Although, I consider what I do as a great combo of creativity and analytics. Recently I had a conversation about gaming which got me thinking. I played a lot of video games while growing up. But, was my passion and long tradition of playing Football Manager responsible for the further development of my analytical side?

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Google Optimize – an a/b testing experiment tool

Looking for an a/b testing tool? I’m currently inspired by Google Optimize and I can only dream of what can Optimize 360 do. I also cannot wait for Optimize and AdWords integration that was announced in May which will bring new possibilities to testing landing pages according to a campaign, ad group, keyword etc. Just imagine the possibilities! That will soon become my main work obsession, I can see that clearly already. And I’m so excited! Continue Reading